Keene Farm Hut and Camping

I am staying at Keene Farm, what should I know?

Keene Farm Hut and camping is located within the Adirondack Forest Reserve near the village of Keene in northern part of the state of New York, USA. It is located 160 km from Montreal, or approximately 60 km southwest of the city of Plattsburgh. This 105-acre property of meadow and woodland provides both camping facilities and a large hut that accommodates up to 32 people. Keene Farm hut is the only ACC hut located outside of Canada.

The two-story log cabin and camping are open year-round. It is equipped with wood stoves for heating and propane gas for cooking and illumination. There is no electricity provided, except for solar-powered lighting. . There is a porch at the entrance and large balcony in front, a large fully equipped kitchen, an eating/sitting area and two large sleeping rooms upstairs with foam mattresses. There is a water well on the property.

The meadow is suitable for camping with picnic tables and a central fire pit. Nearby there is a large open-sided shelter for cooking/eating, and to protect from weather.

The hut’s door is secured with a padlock, you will find the code in the reservation confirmation email. Since the code is changed frequently, make sure to look properly at your reservation confirmation every time you reserve.

We also have our own rock climbing school wall “Amazon Crag” located directly on the site

As a member, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules and leaving the property in good condition.

How to get there:

Address : 193 Styles Brook Road, Keene (NY) 12942

Use Google maps to find the exact location and get directions (

Once you are on Styles brook road, drive 1.6 km to get up the hill and there is a sign on the left with red reflectors indicating. Alpine Club of Canada – Montreal Section. (red night reflector)

Look at the map of the property, it will help you to locate everything on the property

What to bring and what is provided

What is provided on-site:

  • Dry toilets (with toilet paper)
  • Drinking water from the outdoor pump (containers available for filling on-site)
  • Trolleys are at your disposition in order to carry your belongings. please return them to the parking area after use

In camping and at the hut, you must bring:

  • Your camping equipment and food
  • Sleeping bag / Pillow
  • Appropriate clothing and gear
  • Dishes and cutlery (plate, bowl, glass, knife/fork, etc.)
  • Garbage/Recycling/Compost Bag
  • Head lamp (with red light recommended)
  • Bug spray

Camping :

You have access to two large communal meadows within walking distance from the parking area. There are no assigned individual plots; you are free to choose the location for your tent. In addition to picnic tables, there is a large fire pit to share

Hut :

Is provided :

  • Cookware (pots and pans of various sizes)
  • Kettles and french press coffee makers
  • Kitchen utensils (spatulas, can opener, whisk, kitchen knives, cutting boards, etc.)
  • Salt & peper
  • Gas stove (six burners), gas provided
  • Wood-burning stove (wood and matches provided)
  • Sponges, soap, and dish towels
  • Beds with mattresses (plastic cover)
  • Electric lighting (provided by solar panels)
  • First aid kit
  • Rubber sandals/slippers


Rules to follow :

Everywhere on Keene Farm site :

  • Keene Farm is a shared property maintained by members and volunteers: be mindful and respect other present members, enjoy the surroundings with consideration for others who also wish to appreciate it. Avoid making excessive noise or disturbing others.
  • Reserving and paying for your spot at the hut or campsite is mandatory.
  • Use the facilities responsibly. Ensure to clean up after yourself and leave the area tidy.
  • Leave no trace : It is mandatory to take all your waste with you, including biodegradable items. Leave the natural environment and the hut in the same condition as when you arrived; do not feed wild animals, use water and wood sparingly.
  • No smoking or vaping on the property grounds, except in designated parking areas.

Camping :

  • Curfew from 23:00 to 7:00 - Please limit noise and speak softly during the curfew.
  • If you have reserved for camping, you have no right to enter the hut (you cannot use the kitchen, wood, facilities, etc.).
  • No vehicles in the meadow; you must leave your car in the parking lot.
  • RVs and camper trailers are prohibited, even in the parking lot. "Camping-van" type vehicles are allowed but must remain in the parking lot at all times.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash at all times.
  • No fires are allowed anywhere other than in the central fire ring in the meadow.
  • Adhere to the regulations of the state of NY regarding campfires, which include keeping the fire size under 3 feet in height and 4 feet in width, not leaving the fire unattended, and extinguishing it once finished. Refer to the NYS Dept. Fire Danger Map for the regional fire hazard index and current restrictions before making a fire.
  • Do not use wood from the hut for the meadow's campfire; when camping, you must use the wood available on-site.
  • Do not wash dishes within 15 meters of the water pump to avoid contaminating the groundwater.
  • In your absence or overnight, do not leave coolers, food, or waste at the campsite as they attract bears and other animals. Please keep them in your car.

Hut :

  • Curfew from 22:00 to 6:00 - Please limit noise and speak softly during curfew hours.
  • Do not wear your outdoor boots or shoes inside the hut You can use the provided sandals/slippers or bring your own.
  • Animals are not allowed inside the hut, regardless of their size.
  • It is prohibited to sleep in areas other than the beds upstairs. Camping with or without a tent on the hut's decks and on the ground floor is not allowed.
  • Out of respect for other present members, no music, speakers, or musical instruments inside the hut.
  • For the sake of others, use the red light on your headlamp and maintain silence in the dormitory.
  • No open flame inside the hut or on the balconies (fondue candle, regular candle, Coleman lamps, barbecue, etc.).
  • Please use wood in the stoves sparingly. Excessive burning of wood increases the risk of fire. Be especially cautious during extremely cold conditions, as the hut may not heat beyond -10 degrees Celsius.
  • Wash your dishes in the sink and not near the water pump to avoid contaminating the groundwater.
  • Clean, dry, and put away all kitchen utensils you use. Biodegradable dish soap is recommended. Place dish towels to dry or in the designated "dirty laundry" bag.
  • Do not pour fats down the sink, as it can clog the pipes Remove residues from the sink after washing dishes.
  • Clean counter-tops, tables, and stoves after cooking and eating.
  • Keep all food in mouse-proof cabinets.


Before Leaving the Hut, you MUST:

  • Empty the ashes from both stoves into the metal bins located outside
  • Empty out all water containers and keep lids off to let them dry out
  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked
  • Turn off the propane switch (which is on the wall next to the stoves). If one of the tanks is empty, inform the Keene Farm coordinator
  • Take all food and waste back, without exception.
  • Do a quick cleanup : Sweep the floor, wipe the tables and counter-tops, empty the sink, wash the dishes
  • Lock the door to the back balcony and put the padlock back on the main door.


For any questions, comments, or issues regarding Keene Farm, please inform the Keene Farm coordinator at and the reservations at We will respond as soon as possible. Remember that this property is managed remotely by volunteers. If we are not aware of a problem, we cannot address it.

Thank you and enjoy your stay at Keene Farm!

You can read an excellet article the history of Keene Hut (Keene Farm).


All the information located on this page in PDF format

Rates (CDN/US $)

OVERNIGHT CHARGES December 1, 2023 @ November 30, 2024

Member *
Adult Regular $25 $15
Child (16 and less included into a Family Membership) Free Free
Guest *
Adult $30 $20
Child (16 years & less) $15 $10

Only members in good standing can connect to our website in order to make reservations (hut or camping).

It is compulsory to reserve and pay for your place at the refuge or campsite before going there.

Effective December 10, 2021, bookings can no longer be canceled or refunded.

We reserve the right to verify the validity of the membership of each person present on the site.

Member (*) : Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) , Americain Alpine Club (AAC) , Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA). Membership card should be presented to the custodian.

Guest (*) A member can invite a none-member / guest
- A maximum of 4 at a time with no annual limit
- The member is responsible to make the payment while making his own reservation

Group: >: Group reservations must be pre-approved For a maximum of 15 persons in the hut.

University Group: For University group reservations, please

CAC others (*) : Others Alpine Club of Canada Section