About ACC Montreal

What is the Alpin Club of Canada, Montreal Section?

The club’s goal is to unite outdoor enthusiasts in Quebec who share a common interest for mountain activities. Becoming a member of the ACC’s Montreal Section is to be part of a family of other likeminded outdoor enthusiasts. You will find people of all experience levels with whom you can share your pursuit of climbing, hiking, skiing, etc., with the more experienced members always willing to share their knowledge with others.

We organize outdoor activities and courses to improve technical, safety and leadership skills. Members can meet at one of the many social events or while enjoying the Club’s facilities in the Adirondacks. We also commit to help promote environmentally friendly behaviors by investing in eco-funds, funding other eco-organizations and organizing eco-awareness activities. We also actively assist other associations with the maintenance of trails and climbing areas and also on the negotiation front ensuring access to them and opening new ones.

Financially, prices for membership are very competitive as compared to other groups. There is only an annual fee for membership, so the more you participate the less the cost of your membership per use. Members of the ACC also organize car pooling which can also reduce the cost of your transportation.

The club in a few words :

  • Approximately 500 members who share a common passion for the outdoors!
  • Social events in pubs, annual BBQ at our Keene Hut, slide show presentations and much more.
  • Mountain sport activities including hiking, climbing, skiing and mountaineering.
  • Courses and Workshops to learn new sports and improve your skills.
  • Hut and campground in the Adirondack mountains (New York, USA) and the Canadian Rockies.
  • Volunteering to preserve the environments and access to outdoor ski and hiking trails, climbing sites.
  • Newsletters with news, stories, photos and other useful information.
  • Mountain Adventures – trips and camps from the Montreal section and the National club.

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Le Club Alpin encourage la pratique , la connaissance et la culture du plein air et de la montagne. Il fait la promotion de l'usage responsable des sites et soutien le développement des habiletés et du leardership.