Leader Handbook

Useful information for the leaders of the outings

To the leaders of the outputs we have a guide to help you to organize your output.

Download the trip leader Manual

The guide provides minimum standards on what trip leaders and participants expected at the ACC Montreal outings.

It is important for new trip leaders take the time to read the guide and properly assess what needs to be done in organizing an outing (safety equipment, participants, level, location, etc.)

As a trip leader, the club can help with the organization and preparation of your outing. In addition, to encourage members to become trip leader, we offer several discounts on club training (climbing, first aid, avalanche, etc.) and many rewards are also offered for your dedication to the club.

Download the benefits of being leader

The club is working continually on leadership training and the involvement of new leaders for the organization of outings.


Preparation and planning are the two main points for safety during an outing.

Download the trip leader Manual

We also encourage members and especially leaders to take a first aid course in wilderness areas. Several advantages are offered for leaders when they take the course (repayment of part of the course). For the next course, look on the calendar.

Additional information relating to the safety on the ACC National website :

Emergency Contact information

Here is a list of contacts to join (phones and website) for the areas frequented by members of ACC Montreal .
Make sure you have a copy in your first aid kit .

Download the Emergency Contact Information List

Waivers form

The waivers form is for YOU as a leader and also protect the club. The importance of the waiver to the Alpine Club cannot be over emphasized.

Download the 2020 waiver form

All participants in activities sponsored by The Alpine Club of Canada are required to read and sign a waiver.

ACC Section Leaders and instructors are required to have participants in activities sponsored by the ACC sign the waiver.

Note for U.S. Residents

Unfortunately, due to a higher level of litigation (liability) in the USA our insurer does not allow us to have any U.S residents on our outings in the USA. Please feel free to join us on our outings in Canada as often as you wish.

Incident Reporting

In the event of an accident on any Montreal Section-sanctioned activity, it is essential that the incident be documented and reported – to the Montreal Section Chair and to the ACC National Office. In the event of a serious incident, it is recommended that the Section Chair be notified as soon as possible who, in turn, is requested to notify the ACC Executive Director as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours).

Incident reporting forms include:

Incident reporting guidelines and forms are available in the ACC National website.

It is recommended that trip leaders carry a copy of these documents.


Suite aux plus récents développements par rapport à la propagation du COVID-19, nous souhaitons vous informer que l'accès à Keene Farm est levé jusqu'à nouvel ordre.
Notre priorité demeure avant tout, la santé des membres et du public.
Following the most recent changes regarding the spread of COVID-19, we wish to inform you that access to Keene Farm has been withdrawn until further notice.
Our priority remains above all, the health of the members and the public.