We are excited to announce the reopening of Keene Farm!

A few important things to note:

– Reservations and payment are required. Please book your spot on our website. Payment drops at Keene farm have been removed. Proof of payment will be required. Kindly print yours out if your phone does not have service in the United States.

– Proof of vaccination is required. Please keep it handy.

– Only Alpine Club members are accepted and guests are not allowed. Please keep your proof of membership handy.

– No sleeping on the first floor or pulling a mattress into the lounge.

– The price is now $25 for all.

– Reservation can no longer be canceled, amounts paid can no longer be refunded.

– For sanitary reasons, cutlery, cups and plates are no longer available. Please bring your own. Pots and pans are still available. Please clean them well after use.

– People who owned a 2020 annual pass will have it renewed for 2022 (as well as December 2021).

– No new annual passes for 2022 will be issued.