Our club, on top of offering courses and workshop, socials and helping with environment and access issues, is mainly enjoyed for its numerous outings.

Here are some activities members are involved in.

Hiking, Trekking, Snowshoeing

Walking the hills is our passion. We enjoy it from easy hikes on our beloved Mont­Royal and Laurentians to higher mountains in the Adirondack [NY] where the club has a cabin and a campground, the Green Mountains [VT], the White Mountains [NH] and the Canadian Rockies. Our Province and the New England States have plenty of destinations you can discover in the club’s outings.

Our members hike all season, all levels. Be it on smooth trails for a hike, on rugged terrain for trekking or scrambling or on snow/ice with snowshoes and crampons.

Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing

Climbing can be a thrilling and fulfilling activity if done with the right people and the proper way. It may be done for its aesthetic, for challenge or simply to enjoy the outdoor with friends. Climbing with lots of different partners in different settings allows to make friends, explore different style, and improve your technique. We focus also on security to get all the fun, leaving out the risks.

We climb any season, from rock climbing to ice climbing. Join us around Montreal and other regions of Quebec or in Ontario and in the Adirondack [NY] where out heated shelter is ice climber’s paradise.

Skiing: Cross­Country, Back­Country, Telemark and Alpine Touring

The Quebec province and New England states enjoy lots of snow in the winter. backcountry ski There is lots more than groomed trails to enjoy it. Discover the backcountry with experienced people in the club. You’ll find new challenges and magnificent quiet setting away from the crowds.

Ski all levels with us, from the easy access tracks of ski centers to the virgin grounds, off piste, or back country and then steeper slops on Telemark skis or Alpine Touring gear.


The Alpine Club takes its roots into Mountaineering. Many of our club members share this passion and are more than happy to organize trips and share their experience.

Courses and workshops are offered as well to learn the ways. To live it fully, camps and trips with professional guides are organized every year by the national club and the other sections of the club.