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Become a club member

To pay your annual membership fees please go onto the ACC National website.

Click then scroll down the page, then click on the box “join the ACC”.

When signing up to our membership you can sign up to the FQME (Québec climbing association) for a reduced tariff. This provides access to the FQME climbing sites*


Membership Pricing


We offer three prices for membership affiliation:


Adult (19 and above) $44

Family (2 adults and children of 18 years and below, living in same household) $65

Youth (18 and below) $28


You can then add on the following:


Annual subscription to the Canadian Alpine Journal $22

*Annual subscription to the FQME and its climbing sites $30


If you want to join multiple clubs please follow this link and scroll down towards the second table:


Please note all prices do not include tax. For all questions and information please contact