Leave no trace

Most of our ideas and activities in the Alpine Club of Canada are accomplished by:

”…providing opportunities to volunteer in a wide variety of areas ranging from Montreal Section Management and Activities, to Environmental Advocacy and Trail Maintenance.”

The club allows for rewarding experiences through its excursions, outdoor trips, courses and social outings. As members of the Alpine Club, we meet together to share knowledge and experience but there is also another raison d’être: We want to ensure that we leave nature a little better than we found it.

You are encouraged to adopt the “leave no trace principle” whenever you are carrying out activities in the outdoors by following these simple steps:

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Whatever you carry in, you must also carry out
  • Properly dispose of what you can’t pack out
  • Leave what you find in its natural setting
  • Minimize use and impact of fires

Did you know…?

Average fuel consumption per vehicle has increased 13% over the past year. This has lead to increased emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is a major contributor to global warming. This is mainly due to the increase in the popularity of SUVs and the companies that glamorize those vehicles. Look at who’s driving an SUV from home to work and back everyday! Consumers can drive environmental change ­ if you want to respect nature for generations to come, please make conscious consumption choices!

Going to the mountains to do some sport is the biggest source of emissions of carbon dioxide from out activites.
We can be responsible and reduce our impact by car pooling. The club’s Facebook group is a great way to find people to car pool with!